Barbora Polivkova


I come from Pilsen, Czech Republic and I like my city a lot, but I also like to take rest of it in nature.  

I have always loved photography, but before I could create what I intended, I had come a long way of trial and error. Today I am very grateful to many mistakes: o) I still learn and always will be, the goal is also a way for me.

In my work, macrophotography prevails, a view of the world, how I perceive it and how I wish it to be.

I like the small details of life that are not apparent at first sight, and you only begin to perceive them when you slow down or stop completely. Morning dew on the grass can hide so many treasures that the heart hesitates to take them all. It is this stopping at the trouble of life and everyday life that gives me inspiration.

I love colors and their nuances, fairy tales and dragons, a world of fantasy and dreams. I am happy when pieces of my worlds are reflected in the photos, when they can please the eye and touch the soul.

A photo that do the magic of creating one's smile has a great added value for me, because we all need smile and laugh...


January 2021



International garden photographer of the year

Macro Art 2020 finalists

Czech Nature Photo 2020

Barbora Polivkova 

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