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Individual online workshops macrophotography

Online workshops can effectively help you to improve your skills in short time for low price. You don't have to spend whole days in group meetings, where you may not even get what you need, and instead you can learn just that in few minutes online.

I myself have gone through a very long journey of trial and error as a self-taught person, so I know from my own experience how even a trifle can create a big shift. By trying it on myself, I can strongly discourage this method with a clear conscience :)

Who can the workshop help?

For photographers who are new to macro photography or are considering starting one .. and hesitate, photographers who deal with other topics and macro would like to add as a new supplement, macro photographers who are interested in some part of my work and would like to try something different...

At the same time, I often help with portfolio building, presentations on social networks, and similar issues, and I really enjoy it.

It can help someone a lot to get objective feedback on the existing portfolio, or tips for improvement, or also some of my rich experiences Which ways not to go :)

Whom I probably cannot help?

Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer lovers of extensive image editing software. I like to spend much more time in nature than with a computer and I devote only the necessary time to post-processing.

What does the workshop entail?

We will arrange a mutually advantageous hour of an online meeting, when you will not be disturbed. The first 20 minutes are free, as such an acquaintance, when we clarify the topic you want to focus on, look at existing work, available technology, etc.

Then we will get to work :) The price of an hour-long meeting is 24 EUR, so the first hour after deducting the introductory minutes will cost 16 EUR.

For someone, this one hour is enough, someone will want another consultation, it's up to you. The meeting takes place via Zoom, Skype or similar applications that allow image transfer and our talk should be in English :)

If you have a question, let me know :)

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